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Our spinning shop contains three of our lathes. In this shop metal is spun on a lathe and pressed to the shape of a tooling. Some of the products formed in this shop include copper spotlights, aluminum commercial garbage can lids, and stainless steel bowls for the food industry. An added benefit to spinning rather than stamp forming is that the process of spinning work-hardens the metal evenly throughout the part. The tooling cost is approximately 33% less than tooling for stamping. Spun parts are also formed by hand using leverage principals, so there is an added finesse that can only come from human touch.

Here are some of the parts fabricated in our spinning facility:
These cones start as squares of sheet steel with center holes punched in them. They are then circle sheared, and spun to shape. After the spinning process, they are trimmed to specs. These parts are then taken to one of our waterjets to have the center hole cut out to our customer's exacting specifications.
A Beddinger lathe for small parts, A Cincinnati lathe for medium parts,

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